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"Indoor air can be up to 1000 times as dirty. The EPA estimates that most Americas are exposed every day to the indoor air contaminants that can lead to serious health problems for some people, including cancer, respiratory ailments, fatigue and headaches."

Myers Enterprises is a leader in the industrial air cleaners marketplace. We use the same high quality, industrial and hospital grade filtration components in our residential air cleaners.

Let us bring to your home the expertise we have developed in removing truly hazardous airborne contaminants such as TB bacilli, carcinogens, sensitizers and mutagens to removing airborne health hazards in your home.

You can be certain that both our commercial and home air cleaners are of the highest quality and performance available on the market today.


During the winter months when your heating system is in full effect, does your skin get dry, flaky or itchy? Do you or a family member develop a dry, raspy cough? Chances are the air in your home is too dry during heating seasons.

The solution to this problem is to add a humidifier to your HVAC system or individual rooms.

What about during the summer? Does your house feel cold and clammy? Does your air conditioner cycle on and off constantly without cooling effectively? There is probably more moisture in the air than your current AC system can handle on hot, muggy summer days..

You may need to add a de-humidifier to correct these problems.

In either case, Myers Enterprises can help correct these annoying problems. We carry a complete line of free-standing and installed furnace system humidifiers, as well as de-humidifiers for any home. Our skilled technicians can install either (or both, if needed) to an existing HVAC system, or design a complete central ventilation system incorporating the products you need.

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